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Test Your Relationship

For Couples
One Time Payment
Includes Test Your Relationship (TYR) plus:
  • Access to 7 rules for Fighting
  • Finding and Creating True Intimacy
  • 7 Secrets of Successful Couples
  • All Assignments, videos and support exercises

Test Your Relationship +

 For Couples (Most Popular)
One Time Payment
Includes Test Your Relationship Basic plus:
  • You Bloom 
  • 100 Day Treating Sexual Addiction Program
  • Holiday Growth and support session
  • 75% discount for your partner to join
  • How to Communicate When You Don’t Know What to say (six week Webinar Series)

Legacy Program

Lifetime Access to All Human Intimacy Courses, Webinars, Presentations, and Future Services
One time payment
Includes TYR+ features
Plus (Lifetime Access) to:
  • All current and future courses
  • Access to all webinars on Human Intimacy
  • Unlimited Access to Lessons
  • Unlimited Access to Question and Answer Sessions
  • Change 2.0 Webinar Series (with Dr. Kevin Skinner)
  • Foundation of Human Intimacy Course (Advanced)
  • Access to All Assessments
  • Access to All Growth Sessions 
  • Monthly Q&A with Dr. Skinner and his associates.
  • Share with other family members (up to five). Give the legacy of Human Intimacy to your loved ones.
We are designed to connect with others. While life is filled with many challenges, one thing we can do to combat these difficulties is to learn how to be great in our relationships.
Dr. Kevin Skinner

Frequently asked questions

What is happening to Bloom for Women? 

We are bringing all of the free Bloom for Women content over to Human Intimacy. We will still be offering growth sessions, online Q&A’s, and we will be creating exciting new courses. In additional to all of the Bloom content we will be discussing all things Human Intimacy. For example, we will have classes on parenting, dating, communication (see How to Communicate When You Don’t Know What to Say), Conflict Resolution, Life after Divorce, and much more. 

Why did you develop Human Intimacy?

Over the past 28 years I have observed that our society has really struggled to help individuals develop safe and healthy connections. I believe that our society is only as strong as our relationships. For this reason, I created Human Intimacy. My deepest desire is to help individuals, couples, and families create the best relationships possible. Our society is dependent upon our ability to create safe and healthy relationships.

What is a growth session?

Growth sessions are mini-courses where you will receive new content each week. During the week you will received access to three days of content. On the fourth day you will share what you have learned in our learning center. On the fifth day, you can join our experts as they discuss the weeks content and ask your questions. 

What exactly is the Test Your Relationship System?

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Kevin Skinner and his business partner, Ken Patey, created an online assessment platform to help couples test their relationship. More than 350,000 people have since completed this unique test. When we wrote the test, we had no idea how interested people would be. What makes this test unique is that you receive personalized results that are based on your responses. Now, twenty years later, the Test Your Relationship System includes an online course (Videos, assignments, articles) to help you improve your relationship. When you take the test, you will received personalized feedback on your relationship. You will discover how you can improve your relationship. Now using the Human Intimacy website, you are given a complete online course on how to improve your relationship.

What is the Human Intimacy Legacy Program?

We live in a society where far too many of us have not been taught how to create long-lasting loving relationships. The Human Intimacy Legacy Program is for families. The Legacy Program give you access to everything currently on and everything that will be created in the future. For a one time payment, give yourself, your relationship, and your children (Up to five) unlimited access to our services. If you paid $150.00 for therapy and attended 20 sessions the cost would be $3000.00. The Human Intimacy Legacy Program gives you and your loved ones unlimited access to all of the content. My desire is to you and your loved ones create human intimacy from cradle to grave. 

Why did you stop providing coaching support?

During the past few years, Bloom for Women and Path for Men provided a range of services. We offered drop in groups and coaching services. We have had incredible coaches and they have blessed many lives. However, we have found that our coaches were limited in their ability to help their clients with trauma. Many clients needed more support than the coach could provide. For example, a person in trauma needs a specialist who understands how to help them navigate through their traumatic experiences. While the coaches were able to provide support, they found that in many cases they were referring their clients to therapists. In the end, we decided to reduce our services to growth sessions such as YouBloom, questions and answers with professional therapists, and ongoing webinars.

We encourage those who have been in the Bloom for Women coaching program to work out a plan with your coach. In some cases, you may be able to continue receiving coaching, it won’t be a service under the Bloom program.


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