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All Inclusive Bundle

Exclusive for Bloom for Women and Bloom for Partners. Assess, learn, change, connect. Develop the skills you need to strengthen your relationship. For couples! Both partners will receive access to the bundle.

What's Included

Test Your Relationship

Take the assessment! Let the results guide your healing. Includes video support on how to change your relationship. 

YouBloom Growth Session

Join Dr. Kevin Skinner and his colleagues as they provide you weekly support to help betrayed partners heal after sexual betrayal. This has been our most popular program of the past few years.

Treating Sexual Addiction (100 Day Course)

This course is for individuals who are working to stop their unwanted sexual behaviors. The 100 Day Course offers a video each day. Watch the short video and do a journaling assignment to help you in your recovery. Created by Dr. Kevin Skinner
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The Relationship Dilemma

In this unique course Dr.’s Kevin Skinner and David Robinson offer guidance through thought provoking questions to individuals considering divorce. Each section is designed to help you make a wise and informed decision. 
Coming March 1st, 2024

How to Communicate When You Don’t Know What to Say

Join Dr. Skinner as he discusses and role plays how to talk about difficult topics. Learn how to communicate when you don’t know what to say.

Q&A with Dr. Kevin Skinner

Each week Dr. Skinner will take your questions and provide video or audio responses. You will have unlimited access to his responses. So ask away.
Courses included

Individual and Couple Healing After Betrayal

Created with couples in mind.