Live Human Intimacy webinar Series

Join our team of seasoned professionals as they discuss real life issues in this FREE webinar series.

Join us as we explore human intimacy in-depth. Our experts address key elements that prevent intimacy and share insights into how to overcome these barriers so you can achieve the close relationships you desire the most.

July 18th, 2024
Expert: MaryAnn Michaelis
Topic: Identifying, Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
Date: July 18th, 8:00 pm EDT

July 25th, 2024
Expert: Dr. Dave Robinson
Topic: Coping better when I or a family member struggles with mental health issues
Date: July 25th, 6:00 pm EDT

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01 — Webinar Topics

What you will learn in our webinars

Our webinars are designed to help you improve your relationship skills. In these sessions, attendees will learn:

Identify Your Barriers

We all desire a deep and intimate relationship, and yet, we often face many challenges (i.e., trauma, conflict, childhood issues, etc.). Join us as we tackle some of today’s most challenging barriers. Learn how to overcome these barriers.

Improve Your Skills

It’s hard to create lasting relationships when you haven’t been taught the foundational behaviors that drive human intimacy. Join our experts as they discuss relationship skills that can enhance your relationship connections.

Q&A Session

In each session you will be given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the topic discussed each expert. 
02 — Webinar hosts

Meet your webinar hosts

Our experts have nearly 90 years of clinical experience. 
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Dr. Kevin Skinner

Dr. Kevin Skinner is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He has been practicing for 28 years. Recently, Dr. Skinner has been evaluating the change process. This course is a culmination of research and study on how we change.

In addition to therapy, Dr. Skinner has created online courses for and He has written professional assessments completed by thousands of people. He is the author of four books, Treating Sexual Addiction: A Compassionate Approach to Recovery, Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal, Treating Pornography Addiction, and Rebuild Your Relationship after Sexual Betrayal. 

He has also trained therapists throughout the world as a faculty member for IITAP. Together with his wife Katy they have 8 children and two grandchildren
  • 25+ Years of clinical experience  
  • Instructor for IITAP
  • Author and content creator
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MaryAnn Michaelis

MaryAnn began working with betrayed partners of sex and porn addicts in 2015, which led to her healing journey, and ignited a passion for educating and helping others to find recovery and healing.

She is a LCSW, as well as a *CSAT, CPTT, ART, EMDR and EFT therapist. MaryAnn specializes in working with individuals and couples struggling with ptsd, betrayal trauma, abuse, porn or sexual addictions and attachment wounds. 

MaryAnn is fluent in Spanish, and in a previous life, worked as a professional cellist. She is a woman of faith, loves family life, learning and teaching, traveling and exploring nature, Colorado Rockies baseball, beekeeping, plant-based cooking, Spanish rock, classical music and really good books.

MaryAnn is a member of the Tri-Cities Coalition Against Trafficking, and participates in anti-pornography and human trafficking policy work.
  • 9 Years of clinical experience  
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Specializes in treating trauma and addiction
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Dr. Dave Robinson

Dr. Dave Robinson is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a 24-year career as a university professor. He has taught marriage and family therapy, medical students, and family practice residents. Dr. Robinson experience includes a noteworthy 12-year tenure as the director of a prominent marriage and family therapy program.

Drawing from over 29 years of therapy experience, Dr. Robinson is dedicated to helping couples navigate challenging issues. He shares his insights in this course, offering valuable knowledge gained from his years working with couples.

Beyond his teaching and clinical work, Dr. Robinson is an author, contributing to discussions on relationship and mental health topics. In addition to his expertise in couple relationships, he has a deep understanding of treating conditions like depression and anxiety, addressing the impact of illness on individuals, couples, and families, and utilizing medication to improve lives.

  • 28 Years of clinical experience 
  • Professor at a large university
  • National expert in medical family therapy
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Amy Andrus

Amy has taught several courses in the BYU Family Science Department, including Preparation for Marriage and Parenting. She published her Masters Thesis in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy and presented at National Conferences. She has worked at the BYU Women's Services and Resources Center where she counseled many students. It was during her time at the Women’s Services and Resources Center that her eyes were opened to the world of sexual addiction and trauma. In addition, she has spent time working in a residential treatment facility where she counseled adolescents struggling with a wide array of addictions including eating disorders, drugs & alcohol, and sex addiction. 
  • 20+ Years of clinical experience  
  • Specializes in life after divorce
  • Focus on treating trauma, anxiety, and addiction