The Essentials of Healing after Divorce

Adjusting to life after divorce can be very difficult. Many people struggle to overcome the pain from their past relationship. If you are looking to heal your wounds and reclaim your true identity, this course will provide you answers. Begin by taking a unique assessment that offers personalized feedback to you. It includes The Post-Divorce Adjustment Inventory and results, over 40 support videos to guide you in your recovery,  and worksheets to help you in your healing journey.
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One of a Kind Post-Divorce Adjustment Assessment

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Over 40 Support Videos to Help You Adjust to Divorce.

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Package Includes: Assessment, Personalized Results, 40+ Videos, Answers to Questions Section, Case Studies

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Divorce Adjustment Inventory and Mini-Class

I am often asked the question, “How can I cope with the intense emotional pain associated with my divorce?” 

My response comes from researchers who have found that there are two specific things you can do to significantly reduce the negative impact divorce has on your physical and emotional health.

In this short mini-class, I will share what researchers have found helps accelerate the healing process.  As an added bonus, you receive The Post Divorce Adjustment Inventory (PDAI).
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