Welcome to Human Intimacy

Jun 10

How often do you think about your relationships? Do you long for connection with others? Do you often feel alone? We live in a society with more opportunities for connection than ever before and yet we are more lonely than we have ever been.

My desire for creating this website (Human Intimacy) is to provide meaningful support to individuals and couples and families who want to learn how to have better relationships.

Human intimacy is something that we all long for, but we often struggle in our relationships to create the type of love we desire.
Here at Human Intimacy you will learn from professional therapists how to create they type of relationships you long for. We set our limitations. The good news is we can learn how to improve our relationship skills and achieve the type of connections we desire the most. If you want to be a better spouse or parent, here at Human Intimacy we will help you improve your communication and problem solving skills. If you are struggling in your relationships, you can learn by interacting with our professional therapists who have been working to help individuals and couples improve their relationship skills.

Why Human Intimacy?

Unfortunately, many of us have grown up in homes where we didn’t witness a healthy marital relationship. Author and therapist William Glasser once wrote that he believed up to 75% of married couples are not happy in their relationships. Whether he was accurate or in his assessment or not, I have personally observed that many individuals have grown up in homes where they did not learn how to have healthy relationships. As a result, many of us doing we we saw growing up. The end result, is we simply don’t have the skills to create the type of relationship we desire.

The purpose of Human Intimacy is to help you improve your relationship skills. You will learn how to create meaningful and lasting relationships. If you want to find deeper connections, come back often as free courses and skill building courses will be made available to you.

If you want to improve your relationship skills, join Dr. Kevin Skinner as he discusses the foundation skills that will help you find deeper forms of intimacy in all your relationships.