The Essentials to Healing after Sexual Betrayal!

If you feel misunderstood. If you feel alone. If you feel you are going crazy, this course and drop-in groups will provide you with the tools and support to help you heal.

$200 a Month x 3 Months


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What we offer

Reclaim your identity after sexual betrayal with this transformative online support system designed to help you heal.

12-Week Guided Sessions

Each week you will have access to videos that explain the healing process. You will be asked to write in the online journal, take an assessment. Each task is designed to accelerate your healing. 

Weekly Group Support

Participate in up to two online drop-in groups. Join Dr. Skinner and his colleagues as they answer your questions and help you navigate through this difficult time. You don’t have to do this alone.

Weekly Q&A

Ask your questions and receive answers from our trained staff.

How Dr. Skinner’s guidance has helped others heal.

Read the testimonials of participants of Dr. Skinner’s courses and support groups.
"Dr. Skinner saved my life. During the pandemic I was dealing with my husbands betrayal and had no one to turn to. His online course gave me the language to explain what I was going through.
Attended online course
"I gained valuable insights that helped me communicate with my husband in ways I didn’t think possible. We are having better conversations because I am finally standing up for myself in a productive way."
Attended online course
"I am so glad I came across this course. I honestly felt like nobody understood me. As I watched Dr. Skinner describe the PTSD symptoms, I finally felt like someone understood me. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. You are not alone. There are people who understand you!"
Sarah C.
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Meet the instructor

Dr. Kevin Skinner is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He has been practicing for 28 years. In addition to doing therapy, he has created online courses for and He has written professional assessments completed by thousands of people. He has also authored four books, Treating Sexual Addiction: A Compassionate Approach to Recovery and Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal. He has also trained therapists throughout the world as a faculty member for IITAP.

Together with his wife Katy they have 8 children and two grandchildren. 
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