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5 Essential Steps to Heal After Sexual Betrayal --FREE webinar!

Join Dr. Skinner as he discusses the most important steps you can take to heal after discovering your partners betrayal.
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What you will learn in the webinar

Are you feeling stuck? Do you have a hard time sleeping at night? Do you have lots of questions, but don't know what to do or say? Learn how to accelerate you healing with information shared in this FREE webinar.

Information Matters

Gathering information about what happened it critical to healing. Learn what questions to ask.

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

If you are like most people, after discovery you don't know how to respond. When you are in shock, it is hard to gather your senses and know how to respond. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls.

5 Essential Steps to Take as You Heal

After studying thousands of people whose partner was unfaithful, I began making a list of the most important actions betrayed partners were taking who accelerated their healing. These will be shared in this webinar.
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Meet your webinar host

Dr. Kevin Skinner is a leading therapist and researcher on the topic of treating individuals and couples dealing with infidelity and sexual betrayal.
  • 25+ Years of experience 
  • Faculty member for IITAP
  • TEDx talk viewed by 1.1 million people

  • Author of Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal 

Dr. Kevin Skinner

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Invest in yourself and your healing

Dr. Kevin Skinner is a leading therapist in the treatment of sexual betrayal. He trains therapists and runs betrayal trauma intensives to help betrayed partners heal. Join him for this informative webinar.