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Welcome to Human Intimacy where we delve into the depths of connection, vulnerability, and closeness that define our relationships. From the tender moments shared between partners to the bonds forged through friendship, intimacy is the thread that weaves the fabric of our human experience. 

Our courses offer in-depth exploration into the barriers of intimacy, the actions the make true intimacy possible. In this course you will discover how to be better in all of your relationships. You will learn how to create real and lasting relationships.
"The lives of most people are histories of their search for intimacy, of their attempts to be socially, physically, and emotionally close to others."
Victor L Brown

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Change 2.0!

Is it hard for you to make changes in your life? Would you like to learn some of the most effective strategies to create change? If so, join Dr. Kevin Skinner for a 10 week journey. This unique course offer accountability groups, live webinars, and fun exercises to help make the change process fun.

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Just released! You can now access the Test Your Relationship System (TYR-S).

Would you like to know how to address the barriers to a deeper connection in your relationship? The TYR-S will help you identify the issues preventing connection and offer ideas on how to resolve your differences.

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Dr. Skinner just released his new book, "Rebuild Your Relationship After Sexual Betrayal", on Sept 7th, 2023. You can order his book and get access to all of the support material here today! 

Be Great in Your Relationships

 Would you like to discover how to create deep and lasting relationships? Gain access to all of Dr. Skinner’s online support courses. Whether you are looking to build a better relationship with your partner or overcome an unwanted sexual behavior. You can participate in all of Dr. Skinner’s content for a one time fee. This offer is for a limited time and will start on Nov. 1st, 2023. Sign up today to reserve your spot.

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Dr. Kevin Skinner

Welcome to Human Intimacy! For the past 28 years, I have had the privilege of helping individuals, couples, and families from all over the world. I am excited to have you join me as together we learn how to create deep and lasting relationships. 
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